OUR Faith Leanings

Spending the first 28 years of his professional life in civil intelligence, Tim experienced a personal loss in 2000 which led to an about-face in life.

Re-educating, he was led to seek training in ministerial leadership with an offshoot of the United Church.

However, through his work in the community it became very clear very quickly that people just aren't interested in the church's tradition approach of being "preached at."


Taking that to heart, Tim moved away from the rote religiosity of “unworthiness” and embraced the more welcoming philosophy of spirituality.

He serves as a Christian pastoral representative of the provincially recognized Metaphysical Ministry of Canada in Ontario, which draws its authority from the Bancroft Spiritual Centre.

The ministry is the Canadian representative of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) headquartered in Sedona, Arizona, with a robust community of over 7,000 practicing IMM ministers in 120 countries.

Our faith community has been recognized since 1959.


We respect all religions and their practices as long as they don't advocate harm to others and Rev. Tim is happy to deliver a full denominational, a non-denominational, an interfaith, spiritual or non-religious ceremony for you and your family.

Based in Caledon, Tim has been a familiar figure across the region for the past 18 years representing many hundreds of families during their times of loss, by solemnizing their marriages, and by christening their children.

With an active counselling practice in Caledon, he also serves individuals and families during times of life change when they need extra support.


part time passion

Tim taught SCUBA for 25 years in Ontario, earning the international ratings of Master Instructor (PADI MI #204,021) and Instructor Trainer (SSI IT#5774).

Having taught through Kanata Diving Supply in Ottawa, Waterline Sports in Toronto and as an owner of the crazy famous Happy Divers Den in Brampton, Tim is an expert in cold water diving with 4,000-plus logged Instructor dives.

Nowadays though, as Instructor Emeritushe avoids cold water whenever possible and spends his wet time taking pictures of underwater seascapes in the Caribbean.

(Image from a Halloween pool dive for children. Yes, there's full scuba gear underneath all that getup!)