Sample Wedding Ceremonies

These are sample wedding ceremonies over which you have complete editorial control.

We invite you to personalize your ceremony by changing the Readings, by inviting friends or family to present the Readings or prayers, or to change your vows to reflect your own personal style, values and personal spirituality.

We'll offer advice on customizing elements of the ceremony to reflect your own cultural or religious background and help you organize the Order of Service to include parents, children or friends, and organize the flow.

We offer unlimited follow-up consultations via telephone, e-mail or Skype.




This is the most popular ceremony. It mentions God and can be customized to suit just about any marriage theme.

It's called non-denominational as it draws from a number of Christian wedding service wordings.

Click on the image for the Service wording.


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The civil ceremony contains no religious language and is a pleasantly casual ceremony.

Click on the image for the Service wording.