What is hypnosis?

All humans enter a natural hypnotic state of mind at least twice a day - upon falling asleep and when waking up. 

Plus, we may enter the “state” numerous times during the day ... when daydreaming, when focusing on a good book or movie, when concentrating on something to the exclusion of everything else and when thinking about something while driving and missing your turnoff.

These are examples of light states, and a certified Consulting Hypnotist guides you into that state of mind, then expands and deepens it when in session to help you rapidly meet the goals you’ve set for yourself - like smoking cessation, weight control,
stress reduction, eliminating stuttering, increasing athletic performance, pain control, or any number of limiting beliefs you want to change. 

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Self-hypnosis, a learned skill and natural to everyone, is a way of bypassing the division between the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind so you can change limiting beliefs.

Change self-defeating thoughts like … “I can’t quit smoking” or “I just can’t lose weight” into “I easily cease smoking” or “Reducing my body weight is easy for me.” 

Once your conscious and subconscious minds believe the same thing, facilitating life change rapidly and comfortably.

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