Transpersonal Counselling is the school of psychology marked by its holistic
attention to the whole person, including the spiritual, rather than just the conscious-mind
reaction to life events addressed using talk therapy alone.

More directly, it is a specialty field which helps guide clients to develop healing techniques like
meditation, mindfulness, guided visualization and deep emotional experiencing to help
reduce anxiety and invoke personal calm in everyday living, all of which have hypnosis
at their base - a natural state of focused concentration humans experience
many times a day.


As we grow, humans develop behaviours to protect ourselves or to get what we want.

These fears, anxieties, emotions or reactions we develop or adopt worked to our benefit
at the time, but as we became older, those by-now automatically arising responses
can be self-defeating in the same situations.

Think of the number of times you've said,
"I just cant seem to help reacting like that!"

Self-Hypnosis, which we teach you from the very first session, helps re-program those
negative responses to a positive affirmation.

in plain english ...


Consider that like the visible portion of an iceberg, your conscious mind is only 10% of your brain function.

Your conscious mind, drawing from memory in the subconscious, protects you from putting your hand on a hot stove by telling you, "That's hot! Don't touch it!" 

However when trying to stop smoking, lose weight or change a behaviour by willpower alone, the subconscious mind also expresses your current belief to your conscious awareness,"That's too hard! I can't do that!"

Hypnosis bypasses those automatically arising, self-defeating responses by accessing the subconscious part of the mind directly (90% of your brain) and changing those negative responses at their source to beneficial ones.