This is the 40-page handout for our presentation GENERATING REPEAT CLIENTS at the NGH Summer Learning Institute '18.

 There is no copyright on it so please feel free to use it for your own development or for that of your clients, or if you quote it or parts of in training or published material, we ask you to cite our name in the quote.

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Like visiting their chiropractors every 2 months to maintain their well-being on an on-going basis, clients should feel confident enough in you to visit regularly for "tune-up's" even after they've met their original objectives, so you can help them remain motivated and invigorated.

Some clients call it treating themselves to a "spa of the mind."

This is a presentation of often overlooked techniques and courtesies that express to your client that you're not only inspired in what you do, that you're empathetic and a good listener, but that you look, act and feel like an experienced practitioner.