This is the 63-page handout for our HYPNODONTIC presentation at the NGH Summer Learning Institute.

 There is no copyright on it so please feel free to use it for your own development or for that of your clients, but if you use it in training material, or quote it, we ask that you cite our name as the researching author.

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80% of all people grow up affected with dental fear from a combination of experiences.

Of those, it's estimated it's estimated 40-50% don't seek dental help until their oral discomfort exceeds the level of pain they expect to encounter during treatment.

Nowadays though, dental treatment is relatively painless and surprisingly advanced, even when intrusive treatment measures are required.

Our job is to reduce the nervousness and anxiety so clients unhesitatingly visit their dental practitioner to help contribute to their overall good health.

This handout for our workshop details how to help reverse those negative dental beliefs, boost client  confidence and overall physical health, which results in an increase in word-of-mouth referrals.