Rev. Timothy Jones

B.Min. MA PhD(c) FNGH OB

InterFaith Community Minister
Transpersonal Counsellor
Board Certified Hypnotherapist


Professional Membership

A member of the oldest and largest professional association in the world, the National Guild of Hypnotists, supported by over 21,000 members in 100 countries. Rev. Tim is a Board Certified Fellow, was inducted into the Order of Braid (2015) for significant contributions to the profession and presented the President's Award for professional excellence in 2016.

Appointed Adjunct Faculty in 2008, he's been invited to present workshops annually to fellow professionals at the NGH Summer Learning Institute in New Hampshire, Mass., where he's earned 10 Meritorious Service awards.

Rev. Tim has also been on the Advisory Board of the Canadian Hypnosis Conference since its inception in 2012, and coordinates the Metaphysical Track for the Conference.



Tim wrote the Medical Update column for 15 years for Scuba Schools International (SSI), one of the largest SCUBA certification agencies, with his work appearing globally. He writes a regular column in NGH's professional journal, the Journal of Hypnotism, distributed worldwide, and is published alongside internationally recognized motivational speaker Bob Proctor (a Canadian, eh 🇨🇦) in "CONCRETE JUNGLE - Survival Secrets for the Real World" (Insight Publishing).


About Us

Rev. Tim worked in civil intelligence for 26 years, trained in forensic hypnosis in 1986 and transitioned to clinical hypnotherapy in 2005.

He teaches advanced and specialty courses to certified practitioners and with an active hypnotherapy practice, his focus is on brief change work to quickly help modify behaviour patterns no longer benefitting the client.

Following a life changing event, he was trained in the ministerial traditions of the United Church in 2001 but through his work as a Community Minister trusted to deliver close to a thousand wedding and funeral services since 2001, Tim moved away from rote religiosity to embrace the more encompassing philosophy of spirituality.

A pastoral representative of the provincially licensed Metaphysical Ministry of Canada in Ontario, Tim is completing a doctoral in Transpersonal Counselling.

what is transpersonal counselling?

Transpersonal Counselling is the school of psychology marked by its holistic attention to the whole person, including the spiritual, rather than just the conscious-mind reaction to life events addressed using talk therapy alone.

 It is concerned with developing our fullest potential as human beings and while the work can move beyond the personal to the spiritual, subconscious and archetypal (idealized model) domains, it includes the personal as a valid and meaningful part of the whole.

It is a specialty field which helps guide clients to develop healing techniques like meditation, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, guided visualization and deep emotional experiencing to help reduce anxiety and invoke personal calm in everyday living.

Mindfulness, meditation and guided visualization, well recognized as everyday techniques to help promote personal happiness, ALL have hypnosis at their base, a state of mind humans enter naturally many times a day.

Part-Time Passion


Tim taught SCUBA for 25 years in Ontario and earned the international rating of Master Instructor (PADI MI #204,021). An expert in cold water teaching with 3,000-plus logged Instructor dives, nowadays, as Instructor Emeritushe avoids cold water whenever possible and spends his wet time taking pictures of underwater seascapes. (Image from a Halloween pool dive for children.)