becoming a CI      

An NGH Certified Instructor (CI) is empowered by the National Guild of Hypnotists to teach new practitioners who upon graduation, are entitled to call themselves Certified Consulting Hypnotists, and can list the prestigious CH designation after their name.

Upon successful completion of the Instructor course, the candidate may also list the internationally recognized post-nominal CI designation after their name.


• Interested candidates must either 1) an active member of the NGH at the Certified Consulting Hypnotist level for one (1) year or, 2) provide proof of certification with another hypnosis training organization as an active member for one (1) year as a Consulting Hypnotist, whether full-time or in adjunct to another profession (psychotherapist, etc.)

• Prior to qualifying to take the course, candidates must participate in a telephone interview with the Instructor-Trainer conducting the course to gain admittance to the programme, then once approved, call the NGH to enrol.

• For this 5-day course, fees are made payable to the National Guild of Hypnotists in the US.

NOTE that some Certified Master Instructors (CMI’s), who teach the CI course may require a higher degree of prerequisites.

NOTE that the Train-The-Trainer course is only offered on a limited basis per annum to qualified candidates.


The NGH Train the Trainer Program is designed to train professionals to teach a complete course in Basic and Advanced hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis.

The course is taught using the “performance method” -  gaining hands-on experience by “doing” and interacting with other participants. You will be trained lesson-by-lesson to teach the entire program with discussions, demonstrations, case studies, role-play activities, simulations, and application exercises. Participants bring their immediate concerns and goals to each session.

The 5-day course includes personalized instruction, homework assignments, the latest research and extensive practice. After training, graduates will be ready to teach a Comprehensive Course in Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis for NGH Certification (entitling your students to list the CH designation after their name) … and will become NGH Certified Instructors.


• How to communicate the knowledge gained in the Hypnotherapy Course.

• How to create a climate for learning that makes even the most obstinate student eager to learn.

• How to set objectives for training students.

  • 11 ways to motivate adults using recognition, encouragement, and approval.

• How to teach and evaluate the performance and comprehension of students regarding suggestibility testing.

• How to perform and analyze the use of authoritative and permissive induction techniques.

• How to teach and judge student performance using the six depth stages of hypnosis.

• How to evaluate components for teaching self-hypnosis, including application of the six criteria for formulating action suggestions.

• How to diagnose learning needs by asking the right questions.

• How to identify student’s suggestibility level by learning to measure a person’s potential to carry out beneficial suggestions.

• 12 factors that affect the success or failure of your training.

• The nuances of becoming an effective Hypnosis Instructor.

• Specific techniques to motivate students towards achieving goals, including use of new reinforcement methods.

• The specifics of group seminar instruction:  scheduling hotel reservations, confirmations, hotel costs, brochure schedules, profitability, etc.

• The dynamics of Corporate Seminars.

• How to advertise, where to advertise, when to advertise … so that you get results!

• Direct mail techniques that work.

• And much more …



unless otherwise stated

A deposit of $1,000 must accompany each application with balance due before class starts.

If a confirmed registration is cancelled, all fees except a $50 registration fee are refundable.

Unless specifically stated, the course fee does not include meals or overnight accommodations.